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We're rooting for ALL businesses

OFG's culture is built on a foundation of integrity, trust, innovation, respect, community involvement, and fun!

We hire the best and the brightest in the business.



Service excellence is not just a catchphrase at Optimum Financial Group. It is what we are committed to delivering to each and every client.  OFG has provided public accounting services to businesses of all sizes. We have built our firm one relationship at a time. We seek service excellence and your satisfaction as our main objectives. These are the qualities about OFG that make us trusted business partners.

OFG Values

We require absolute integrity and professionalism in all we do.

We show respect to our co-workers at all times, adhering to the “Golden Rule.”

We maintain a fun work environment.

We consider quality of life a top priority in all we do.

We are proactive in providing services to our clients.

We invest, we conserve, and we treat OFG resources as our own so we can equip our co-workers with the latest technology – in order to provide superior services to our clients.

We continually strive for excellence and we leave nothing to chance.

We do our utmost to create the “Wow!” factor.

We are committed to employee development, creating opportunities that help our people achieve and excel in the roles they find most fulfilling.

We support our community and encourage individual involvement.


Attention to service and detail has made OFG an industry leader

These values inform all our interactions with clients and co-workers. Each one of our relationships can benefit as we strive to meet our own high expectations. The way we treat each other and the way we work directly affect how well we are able to serve our clients. That is why OFG puts such an emphasis on integrity, trust, innovation, respect, community involvement … and, yes, even fun.

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